This website was created as part of the small project
"Cult and Life in Prehistory" of the INTERREG CLLD area Terra Raetica.

Since prehistoric times relations north and south of the Reschen Pass Road have been detectable. This affects not only archaeological finds, but also genetic characteristics in the population. Thus, a part of the population in Fließ and Pitztal a genetic relationship could be detected with Ötzi. The small project "Cult and Life in Prehistory" enabled Latsch and Fließ to develop common strategies for the preservation of cultural heritage from prehistoric times and to convey them across borders.

The primary objective was to enable as many visitors as possible (locals and tourists alike) to visit the Menhir of Laces and the new archaeological finds in Fliess, thus providing further insights into the cult and life in prehistoric times. Therefore, in addition to the exhibition in St. Nicholas Church in Latsch olso in the Archeology Museum at Fließ a showcase was designed in addition to the existing exhibition in which the excavation situation with clay soil, post holes and individual artifacts of the finds was recreated and a model of the excavation illustrates the construction of the Bronze Age houses. Further information:ß.at

Heimatpflegeverein Latsch
Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano - Beni culturali
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Terra Raetica

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